Amelia’s Ones To Watch: KNoWTe / Ali Diane / John Gallen / Pat Burgener / Sleepy Slim / ALTARVIOLET / Cybando / Steve Benoit / Sirwilliamjack / moondaddy

Hi, I’m Amelia and the following tracks are a selection by me that definitely deserve more attention than Miley Cyrus!

Golden Child by KNoWTe

High Hopes by Ali Diane

ShimmerDance by John Gallen

Days Like These (Music Video out now!) by Pat Burgener

Home Sweet Home by Sleepy Slim

I Used To Be Good by ALTARVIOLET

Patience by Cybando

Whatever Happened To The Drive-Ins by Steve Benoit

Mermaids Curse by Sirwilliamjack

Silver Dust by moondaddy

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