Review: Bea Kadri – Ruthless (ma ber7am)

Lebanese singer/songwriter Bea Kadri is a rising Pop R&B soulstress that just released her highly anticipated first single “Outpour” off her debut album. The album will center around the topic of long distance and the ups and downs of it.

Our close readers know how much we love Bea Kadri, and she released an impressive single a couple of months ago, titled ‘Ruthless (ma ber7am)’. The song is everything we love, it’s rich and original and it will stick in your head all day long, and if you know a little of Arabic, you will love it more. This is without a doubt one of our favorite releases from the talented artist and we can only hope for future releases down the road. But until then, make sure to follow Bea on social media to stay up to date on any upcoming releases in 2023.

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